World War 2

Do you live on a bomb site?

Bomb Sight screenshotHave you ever wondered why the house next door is such a different style? Or why houses in your street have tie bars to hold them together? It may just be they were bombed in the war!

History students and buffs, estate agents and property hunters alike might well find this new website fascinating, which shows the location of bombs in London during the Blitz (7 October 1940 to 6 June 1941) in World War II.

Leytonstone, like much of London and especially East London, suffered more than its fair share of bombing. See if your house or road was affected!

Calling photographers, artists, history buffs and others

As Time Goes By logoDo you take photographs of old buildings? Make sculpture with layers built up over time? Paint people ‘passing the time’? Work in time-based media? Make collections over a period of time? Use art to measure time? Is your work ephemeral? Are you interested in history (local, world, Olympic or Jubilee). Concerned with decay? Do you like repetition, time after time?

Waltham Forest Arts Club Selected Exhibition as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail would like to see your work for an exhibition about time.

There is no charge for entry. Deadline for submissions: 27 April.

More information:

Coincidentally, I stumbled on this article today which gives local memories about Nissen huts built temporarily along Whipps Cross Road for people made homeless during the Second World War. With all the temporary buildings going up for the Olympics, I thought it made interesting reading.