SMEs and charities not taking advantage of the web according to a new report

A blog I’ve written that has particular relevance to Leytonstone given the low level of usage of websites and social media by small and medium business in this area and the very limited amount of relevant training on offer to help them out: http://wp.me/p1SyXb-gk

The report was written by Booz and Company for a UK charity GO ON UK that aims to make the UK the most digitally capable nation in the world and end the digital divide.

You only have to try to find Leytonstone businesses on Facebook or their websites to know how relevant this report is to regeneration in this area. There are some quite sobering statistics:

  • 16 million people in the UK aged 15 and over still don’t have Basic Online Skills – yet 90% of all jobs will require ICT skills by 2015
  • Just 33% of small- to medium-sized UK companies have a digital presence and only 14% sell their products online
  • One-fifth of charities have little or no web presence and 50% need help with web design and social media.

One of my underlying goals in setting up http://www.leytonstonetoday.net was to try to help Leytonstone get online and not fall behind, so although this content goes wider than usual Leytonstone topics I would urge you to read the blog and the full report, especially if you are in a position of influence, and share it with others.

Leytonstone is an area with a lot going for it and it’s improving fast, but the digital divide could knock us back and undermine all the efforts of local groups, the council, the E11 BID and others to make this a really cohesive community where everyone can feel included.