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Watch Jonathan Ross on Hitchcock tonight

Leytonstone tubeDon’t forget to watch ITV’s documentary tonight 10pm-11pm about Sir Alfred Hitchcock presented by Jonathan Ross. Both Hitchcock and Ross were born in Leytonstone, so this documentary promises to give a unique insight into Hitchcock, who is celebrated in Leytonstone with mosaics of his films at Leytonstone tube on the Central Line.

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New Look Leytonstone (Part 2)

Thatched House junctionThe post I published the other week with pictures of all the new work that has been taking place in the last few months achieved over 180 views in two days, by far the most popular of all the posts I’ve published so far.

Because of the all the rain we’ve had a few sites got missed when I took the photographs, so today, sun shining, I’ve been out with my camera to complete the set.

The new pictures, right down to Thatched House, are at the bottom of the New Look Leytonstone page.

A big thank you to everyone who shared the original post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media, and please do again, people clearly appreciate it.

Hitchcock murals featured in Time Out

One of the Leytonstone tube Hitchcock mosaics

One of the Leytonstone tube Hitchcock mosaics

Leytonstone tube’s Hitchcock murals were the first pictured in a recent article in Time Out Going underground: London’s unsung tube mosaics and murals. Thank you Time Out for some positive coverage about Leytonstone and to Hil Do for sharing this story on Facebook.