Controlled parking zone

Resounding no to CPZ in Upper Leytonstone

Controlled Parking Zone signResidents in Upper Leytonstone have voted by a huge majority against a controlled parking zone according to a newsletter delivered by Leytonstone Labour Councillors today.

Only one road, Corbicum, voted in favour, and that was by a margin of 4 to 3 votes. The Council will decide today (Tuesday 23 October) if Corbicum will have a controlled parking zone. Signs and yellow lines will be removed in other roads according to the newsletter.

Of the 16 roads voting (Ripley Mews was included but nobody voted), seven had nobody at all in  favour of the controlled parking zone.

Six roads had a turnout of 50% or more with Wadley Road achieving 70%.

The overall result was:

People %
For 52 9.25
Against 510 90.75
Total 562 100%

The full breakdown was:

Upper Leytonstone CPZ Collage

Controlled Parking Zone deadline looms

Upper Leytonstone CPZ Collage

Some of the streets in Upper Leytonstone where the Council wants to charge residents for parking to make it easier to find somewhere to park

The deadline for responding to the Council’s consultation is next Monday 22 October, so if you haven’t responded yet it’s important that you do use your vote.

There have been many petitions in the area against the controlled parking zone but it looks like the Council will be basing its decision on a road by road vote, not on petitions, so it’s vital that you still vote even if you have signed a petition.

It has also been reported that many people have not received voting forms. If you haven’t you need to contact the Council urgently.

Whichever way you vote, do vote!