Church Lane

New Look Leytonstone (Part 2)

Thatched House junctionThe post I published the other week with pictures of all the new work that has been taking place in the last few months achieved over 180 views in two days, by far the most popular of all the posts I’ve published so far.

Because of the all the rain we’ve had a few sites got missed when I took the photographs, so today, sun shining, I’ve been out with my camera to complete the set.

The new pictures, right down to Thatched House, are at the bottom of the New Look Leytonstone page.

A big thank you to everyone who shared the original post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media, and please do again, people clearly appreciate it.

Sainsbury’s opens in Leytonstone town centre

Sainsburys opened Friday 16 March 2012Just over a week after Prime Minister David Cameron made a surprise appearance at Tesco Leytonstone, supermarkets are back in the news as Sainsbury’s opens its new Sainsbury’s Local shop in Church Lane.

Sainsbury's Church Lane LeytonstoneThe shop opened on Friday 16 March 2012 and will trade from 7am-11pm.

No doubt many small shops will justifiably worry about the competition provided by Sainsbury’s, but Sainsbury’s is seen as slightly more upmarket than Tesco’s and Asda, and even though it’s only a Sainsbury’s Local it could send out signals to other retailers that Leytonstone is an area that’s worth investing in.

What do you think, is the new Sainsbury’s shop good or bad for Leytonstone?