Charity Market

Ward Forums, film and charity fair

WardForumsThis week sees ward forums with local councillors for Leytonstone, Cann Hall and Cathall wards.

There’s also a screening of The Soloist at Leytonstone Library on Wednesday.

And don’t forget the charity market on Wednesday at O’Neill’s.

Free paint, paintings, charity market and lots more in Leytonstone this week

Graphic illustrating eventsForest Recycling are giving away free paint this Saturday, there’s live music, theatre, a new art exhibition and next week a charity market at O’Neills. And lots more going on in Leytonstone. Please pass the message on!

Until 13 April

Carne Griffiths at the Slate Gallery

An exhibition by local artist Carne Griffiths whose distinctive style uses brandy and tea for his paintings started this week at the Slate Gallery (the window space next to the Stone Space on Church Lane) and runs until 13 April.