BBC One Show looking urgently for a Leytonstone family

The BBC TV show ‘The One Show’ are looking for an outgoing family from Leytonstone to take part in their live one hour programme on Wednesday 27th May — all from the comfort of their sofa in their very own home!

Anyone who is interested in getting involved will need to allow filming to take place in their house that afternoon and evening.

If this sounds like you, then all you need to do is email the team at: – with your contact details, and if possible a photo of your family — and don’t forget to put the words ‘Family of the Week’ in the subject header.

Ashley Jenkin

This is a direct message from the BBC, please do not contact asking for more information, or with your details, as we know nothing more than what is in this message and your emails will not be forwarded!

Damon Albran's walk around Leytonstone

Follow Damon Albarn’s tour round Leytonstone

Damon Albarn’s first solo album, Everyday Robots, which will be released soon includes songs based on memories of his childhood in Leytonstone (21 Fillebrook Rd) including ‘Hollow Ponds‘ and ‘Mr Tembo’, a track which features the choir from the Pentecostal City Mission Church on the corner of Kingswood Road and Colworth Road.

In the programme Damon Albarn talks of the positive influence that his childhood in Leytonstone had on his music.

Locksmith sticker debate rages on

Sticker from burglars posing as locksmiths

Beware burglars posing as locksmiths

The story I reported about locksmiths stickers being used by potential burglars has taken some twists and turns in the last few days.

The story was originally reported on the BBC website about a burglary in Wandsworth, but doubt has now been cast on whether this is just some form of advertising as the practice is clearly more widespread, including in Waltham Forest.

Beat the fake locksmith burglars

Sticker from burglars posing as locksmiths

Beware burglars posing as locksmiths

Beware ‘locksmiths’ stickers placed on your front door, they may be a sign that burglars are targeting your address.

The BBC is reporting that burglars are targeting homes with fake locksmith’s stickers placed on front doors.

The report states that this is happening in Wandsworth but I had one on my front door a few months ago. Please read and share this BBC report — and beware!

Hollow Pond fire pictures

Hollow Ponds after the fire

Fire damage near Snaresbrook Court and the small pond

Undeterred by yesterday’s fire, the boats were back on Hollow Pond today and people were out enjoying themselves in the albeit cloudier weather, but the scenes of devastation made it clear that this was by far the worst fire to have hit this part of the forest for very many years.

Fire damage was not confined to one area but affected parts of the forest near Snaresbrook Road and the former lido, and a much larger area from the main pond past the small pond and down towards Snaresbrook Court (some media reports yesterday described this incorrectly as Wanstead Flats — slightly confusingly this part of the forest is formerly known as Leyton Flats due to it being historically part of the old Borough of Leyton and Leytonstone).