Members of the European Parliament

Contact details for the eight London Members of the European Parliament. More information from the UK Office of the European Parliament.

Charles Tannock
1A Chelsea Manor Street
London SW3 5RP

T: 020 7349 6946
Party: Conservative

Claude Moraes
65 Barnsbury Street
London N1 1EJ
T: 020 7609 5005
Party: Labour

Baroness Sarah Ludford
36B St Peter’s Street
London N1 8JT
T: 020 7288 2526
Party: Liberal Democrats

Dr Syed Kamall
3 Bridle Close
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 2JW
T: 020 8546 2398
Party: Conservative Party

Jean Lambert
Office of the Green MEPs
CAN Mezzanine
49-51 East Road
London N1 6AH
T: 020 7250 8416
Party: Green Party

Gerard Batten
PO Box 2409
Ilford, IG1 8ES.
T: 020 7403 7174
Party: UK Independence Party

Mary Honeyball
4G Shirland Mews
London W9 3DY
T: 020 8964 9815
Party: Labour Party

Marina Yannakoudakis
212 Ballards Lane
London N3 2LX
T: 020 8445 8055
Party: Conservative Party