Elections 2012: Mayor of London and GLA

London Elects poster excerptOn 3 May 2012 you will be able to vote for three candidates in the elections for the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority:

  1. Mayor of London
  2. Constituency London Assembly Member
  3. London-wide Assembly Member

Mayor of London

The candidates are listed in alphabetical order and links are given to what appears to be their official website. If candidates want the links changed to another site, please contact me.

Greater London Assembly (copyright L Horton)Constituency London Assembly Member

We are in the London North East Constituency which covers the boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order below with links to their websites, where links are available (if any candidate has a website not included here, please contact me and I will update the page):

  • ALLEN Caroline – Green Party Candidate
  • ARNOLD Jennette – Labour Party Candidate [Elected, result declared 4 May 2012]
  • HAYAT Ijaz – Independent
  • NEWSTEAD Naomi Abigail – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • QURESHI Farooq – London Liberal Democrats
  • WIFFEN Paul Kevin – Fresh Choice For London

London-wide Assembly member

As well as voting for the Mayor and a Constituency member every voter can also vote for a London-wide Assembly member from a party list. Details of the candidates and parties are given on London Elects.

Registering to vote, or registering for a postal or proxy vote

If you are not already on the Electoral register, you will need to register. You can print off a simple form from About My Vote, then send it to the local council (Waltham Forest for Leytonstone).

If you don’t know if you are on the Electoral register you can check at your local library.

If you will need a postal or proxy vote for this election you should contact Waltham Forest Council.

More information

You can read more the election at London Elects. London Elects includes information about:

London Elects 2012 multilingual poster

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