Police stations

There are two police stations covering the Leytonstone area:

Leytonstone (reported in September 2014 to be closing)
Waltham House
11 Kirkdale Road
E11 1HP

Boreham Close
E11 1FE

Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Each ward also has a Safer Neighbourhood team of police officers, who patrol that ward regularly and hold street meetings. You can find out more about your Safer Neighbourhood Team and locally agreed priorities from the Metropolitan Police website:

More information

More information about police services can be found on the Metropolitan Police and Home Office PoliceUK website. These sites include detailed crime mapping statistics, on the Police UK site you can drill down to statistics for your road and compare with other areas.

Political responsibility and accountability for the police in London rests with the Mayor of London, not the local council.


  1. What is the email address for Cann Hall Ward Police Panel please, the one I have does not work. I get message undelivered mail

    1. Please see the notice at the top of every page on this site:
      November 2013:
      This site is no longer being regularly updated as I have moved from Leytonstone. I hope you have enjoyed using this site. A lot of text and pictures will still be relevant for a long time to come but please check other information in case it is out of date.”

      If you need up to date information about the police, please contact the police. I cannot contact the police on your behalf. https://www.police.uk/metropolitan/E05000590/

  2. Hello

    I have a question regarding hollow ponds area, is it possible to have photoshoot in that area? And also its says public?

    Kind regards

    1. The Hollow Ponds area is (as far as I know) still owned and managed by the City of London Corporation, I suggest you contact them about photoshoots. I just created this site as a personal; project, I have no official capacity in any of these things!

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