News from Nowhere Club

The News from Nowhere Club provides a lively series of monthly talks on a wide range of subjects. Founded in 1996 it aims to foster fellowship and challenge the commercialisation and isolation of modern life.

Topics for 2012 included real ale, making a living as an artist craftsman, young historians in Leyton, Ruskin’s legacy and Bangladeshis in London. See the 2013 programme below and go to the club’s website for full details of each talk and times and venue:

The club’s patron is Professor Peter Hennessy, who as well as being an academic is a well known journalist and regular on TV, especially commenting on elections and politics.

2013 Programme

2012 Programme

Saturday 14 January 2012
Real Ale: Forty Years of Campaigning

Saturday 11 February 2012
The Theatre Royal: A People’s Theatre

Saturday 11 March 2012
‘Way down upon the Swanee River’: Stephen Foster – the sentimental myth of plantation song and the defiant reality of slave song

Saturday 14 April 2012
Guerilla Gardening

Saturday 12th May 2012
The Bangladesh Diaspora in the United Kingdom and Bangladeshis at Home

Saturday 16th June 2012
The Poetry of Poverty

Leytonstone Festival

Saturday 14th July 2012
No Wealth But Life: Ruskin’s Legacy

Saturday 11th August 2012
Fair Trade in an Unfair World

Saturday 8th September 2012
Making a living as an artist craftsman

Saturday 13th October 2012
Quakers and Peace Work

Saturday 10th November 2012
Young Historians in Leyton Take to the Street!

Saturday 8th December 2012
The Necessity of Utopia


  1. The website address for News from Nowhere Club is, not the site linked to from this page. Please can you amend the link? If you could change ‘News from Nowehere Club website’ to ‘News from Nowhere Club website’, all the better. Thanks.

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