Find a Business in Leytonstone has a comprehensive list of shops, restaurants and other businesses on the Leytonstone page.

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Businesses with proven links to the Leytonstone area offering services to help your business grow.

Leytonstone businesses on LinkedIn

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If you’re a business, charity or other individual or organisation supporting business and employment growth in the Leytonstone area, you can join this LinkedIn group which I set up (October 2012) as an online networking forum. Applications need approval to stop spammers. If you have any problem joining through LinkedIn please contact me.

Business organisations

This page has links to organisations that provide support to business. They are not all in Leytonstone as most organisations are borough wide or regional/national. If you know of a useful link to add, or find a link that is no longer correct, please contact me.


UK ParliamentGovernment


London Borough of Waltham Forest

Walthamstow Town HallMain Council business pages

Waltham Forest Business Board

Free courses for business

The Council runs regular free short courses, mainly in the evenings, aimed at business people. See the London Borough of Waltham Forest Business events page for more details.


Other useful links

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