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When I was looking for a name for this site, all the ‘Leytonstone’ names were taken so I settled on ‘Leytonstone Today’. That summarises what the site is about, giving people an up to date view of what it’s like to live in Leytonstone after the huge number of changes that have happened in the last few years.

But ‘Leytonstone Today‘ is much harder to get up the Google and other search engine rankings, so I would really appreciate it if you would link to this site and encourage others to do so as well as external links are one of the factors search engines use. This won’t just help this site but that many other sites in Leytonstone that are in turn linked from here.

The direct link is (you may have to paste it in as, depending on how your site handles links). If you already have the site linked or bookmarked under the old address, don’t worry, the old address will still work.

Please put a link from your own website, Facebook profile/page, Google+ page etc.

I have also produced some graphics to promote this website. Please feel free to download them and add them to your website, but some will also work well in other media such as Outlook email footers, in Word newsletters, on PowerPoint slides. All material provided on this website is for free, nobody is charged for being linked or for an advertisement, so I am not making any personal gain from this. Many thanks for your support.

To download

Right click on the image and click on Save image as and save to your disk.

Leytonstone web Banner 1

Leytonstone web Banner 2

Leytonstone web Banner 3

Leytonstone website Banner 9 square animated

Leytonstone website Banner 6 horizontal animated

Leytonstone website Banner 5 vertical

Leytonstone Banner 5 horizontal

Leytonstone Banner 5 horizontal V3

Leytonstone Banner 5 horizontal V2

VisitBritain: promoting Leytonstone further

VisitBritain has launched a ‘Share your Great Britain campaign’ based on the strapline ‘You’re invited’.

The campaign encourages local communities and businesses to use an online toolkit available on its website to “personalise their greeting” and invite their global network to the UK for their next holiday.

Whilst it may be going too far to pitch Leytonstone as an international tourist destination, it is a good base for anyone visiting London now that the focus is moving to the East.

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