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Residents’ Associations

The Upper Leytonstone Area is covered by the Leytonstone Area Residents’ Association (LARA). Bushwood is covered by The Bushwood Area Residents’ Association (BARA) and between Bushwood and the Overground line the Ferndale Area Residents’ Association (FARA).


See the travel page.

YouTube videos

You Tube video London Trams Leytonstone 1938 This fascinating video shows footage along the High Road and Hollow Ponds, spot what has changed … and what hasn’t.

See my own Introduction to Leytonstone (low res) on You Tube, or download it from below.

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Other Leytonstone websites and blogs (not connected with this site).

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Business support organisations

Community and social media

Art and history



Other community website from neighbours and near neighbours.



South Woodford Shopping

Walthamstow Village



Leytonstone Google Group

Set up in September 2011 as an experiment, please try it out! Leytonstone Google Group.

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