Leytonstone food hygiene ratings go online

Food hygiene ratings for shops, schools, pubs, restaurants and cafés in Leytonstone have gone online on the Government’s Food Standards Agency’s website.

The good news is that most establishments score at least 3 or above (on 24 pages of results only 3 pages plus 1 entry are 2 or below). 3+ pages rank 4 (Good) and 10+ pages rank 5 (Very good). These scores are based on the date of inspection which is shown on the site, and standards can go up or down after inspection. Of concern though is that some schools only scored 2 (Improvement necessary).

The Food Standards Agency Ratings system


Very good




Generally satisfactory


Improvement necessary


Major improvement necessary


Urgent improvement necessary

Finding results for Leytonstone

The Food Standards Agency site allows you to search by a number of criteria. The best way to find establishments in Leytonstone, which is not a formally recognised area, is probably to search by Borough on ‘Waltham Forest’ and then by postcode on ‘E11’. If you just search on ‘E11’ you will also get results for Wanstead. If you search on ‘Leytonstone’ you also pick up some results in Stratford with ‘Leytonstone’ in the address. But as postcode boundaries do not follow local government boundaries, I’ll leave it to you to take your pick!

You can sort the results by A-Z, or Z-A and highest to lowest or lowest to highest.

Food Standards Agency ratings website extract

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