Safer Internet Day banner

Safer Internet Day 2013

Safer Internet Day banner

Tuesday 5 February 2013 is Safer Internet Day

Most people will avoid serious problems when using the internet or mobile phones, but we all need to be on the look out for unsafe behaviour as well as making sure that we don’t inadvertently encourage unsafe behaviour ourselves.

A simple example of unsafe behaviour is putting the names and email addresses of people who don’t know each other into the cc rather than bcc field of an email. By doing that you are potentially creating spam, may be giving out email addresses to someone who will then try to spread a virus or malware, and if you identify any individual (rather than a company) you are breaching data protection too. But I bet we’ve all done this at some time — and even if we haven’t done it ourselves, a local business did it to me and many others just last week!

Safer Internet Day has been running for ten years and aims to educate and inform people about potential risks and good and safe practice.

It includes resources for teachers and self-help resources for everybody.

Although it is not directly connected with Leytonstone in any way, part of the aim of this site is to help improve digital literacy and so I thought it would be useful to give it a mention here.

Please do share with others. The people who need this information most are probably not the ones reading this post now!

Introductory video on YouTube

More information

  1. Download a leaflet from the Safer Internet Day website: Safer Internet Day 2013 leaflet
  2. Visit the Safer Internet Day 2013 website

Please note has no connection with the Safer Internet Day website or campaign. If you have any comments or queries about Safer Internet Day please contact them through the Safer Internet Day 2013 website, not to this site!

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