Shop Local: support Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month logoIndependent Retailer Month

July is Independent Retailer Month so it’s a good time to give a plug to the shops in Leytonstone.

As well as many large well-known high street chains Leytonstone has a wealth of independent traders in the town centre, the length of the High Road, as well as tucked away in residential areas such as Grove Green Road and Colworth Road.

I’ve rewritten the shopping pages on this website to make them easier to find, with a new Shopping page on the top menu now. Take a look at some of what Leytonstone has to offer and support your local traders!

If you are a local trader have a look at the Independent Retailer Month page and see what free resources you can tap into to help promote your business in July.

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Love your local market logoLove Your Local Market

23 June to 8 July is also Love Your Local Market fortnight, so if you’ve not already tried the Organiclea stall outside Matalan every Saturday or the fortnightly Lion Heart Market (check their website for dates and stalls), this is the time to show your support!

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