Leytonstone: a thriving suburb with plenty to see and do

Leytonstone: a thriving suburb with plenty to see and do

I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen such a positive headline about Leytonstone! Is the regeneration message finally getting through?

Admittedly it is from a lettings organisation, so I won’t get too excited, but let’s not forget it’s only about 10-15 years ago that estate agents started talking about ‘Between the commons’ or ‘Twixt the commons’ referring to Clapham Common, Tooting Common and Wandsworth Common. That kick started areas like Balham and Clapham moving from no-go areas to becoming fashionable. And our greenery beats the three commons (they have a few large puddles but nothing like Hollow Ponds!).

See the full posting at: Net Lettings.co.uk

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  1. I saw this too. Encouraging. I tweeted on saturday when my son and me were pottering around Church Lane that Leytonstone was ‘absolutely buzzing’ and was ‘full of yummy mummies’ all of a sudden. Never seen it so busy or looking so ‘healthy’. I honestly think we’re seeing the green shoots of regeneration. Another tweet was asking where all the nutters and wierdoes that used to be such a feature of the High Road have all gone… certainly the populace seems a lot more ‘normal’ than they used to! Also noticed this when we lived in Bethnal Green, just as it started to improve dramatically.

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